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Civil Litigation and Workers Compensation

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Civil Litigation and Workers Compensation Law - Watkins Calcara, Great Bend, KS

No matter how careful we are and despite the best laid plans, some disputes arise which simply cannot be resolved without the involvement of independent decision makers. Coming to terms with that reality is only the first step in navigating one's way to a resolution. The Kansas Constitution and the Kansas Statutes set out the basic organization, structure and operation of its court system, but many of the state's judicial districts and district judges also have local rules which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In Kansas, most people understand there is at least one Judge and one courthouse in every county but the realities of litigation are much more involved than that simple truth.

There are a multitude of other options, depending on the underlying area of the law, and a confusing array of steps before a resolution seeker can have his or her day in court. Mediation and arbitration often play an integral role in resolving disputes. In many cases, proceedings before administrative judges under the Kansas Administrative Procedures Act are required before one can even file a court action.

Getting a decision by a Judge or jury does not necessarily end the matter, appeals are possible by both sides and even if no appeal is pursued, issues remain relating to enforcing the judgment (collecting or paying the judgment). Moreover, judgments can go "dormant" and expire if proper steps aren't taken to preserve them.

The system is complicated and requires lawyers who are experienced and adept to be certain your interests are protected. Our team of litigation attorneys is accomplished in all of these arenas and has represented insurers, employers, plaintiffs, defendants, cities, counties, government officials, property owners and many other litigants through trials and appeals in a wide array of cases, including:

  • Liability Insurance Defense
  • Workers Compensation
  • Insurance Coverage and Reservation of Rights
  • Injury Accidents
  • Section 1983 claims
  • Kansas Tort Claims Act lawsuits
  • Real Estate and Property disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment law cases
  • Banking cases and foreclosures