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The impact of ever changing laws and regulations have altered the landscape for businesses at every level. Laws like the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, etc., serve as pitfalls for the unwary. Do those things even apply to me? The answer is: it depends, and unfortunately there is no single litmus test which applies across the board. The involvement of the government in business at every level is not limited to wages, employment and discrimination issues. Environmental, safety and other compliance issues are becoming more and more problematic for businesses, big and small. For these and other reasons, more and more businesses seek the liability protections available through incorporation or formation of limited liability companies. However, even those require proper maintenance and management in order to preserve the protections afforded by the corporate shield. Every business, to some degree, involves selling something – whether it is goods or services, a business will only be successful if you offer something which others are willing to pay for. For most businesses though, there is no sale bigger or more daunting than the sale or purchase of a business. It takes more than a handshake and requires experience and the exercise of due diligence by both the buyer and seller to address the needs and interests of both. 

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